We’ve decided it’s time to move. Since I went and found an actual office we no longer need the basement. That said I do like the projector, 10′ screen, surround sound, comfy couch and beer fridge.
So we’re downsizing which is what most couples in their thirties do. We’ve been gutting the house. I think half of the Salvation Army shop in White Rock is our stuff. We also got a storage container and filled that. Even then it wasn’t enough for our realtor so we stored even more, dumped even more and suddenly our house is huge. Professional cleaners in (it is herself’s dream come true) and the place looks good.
But I am wrecked. I swore after the last move that I wouldn’t do it again but here we go again.
Anyone want to buy a ~2100 sq ft house in South Surrey? Discount if you help me move?

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