Hotwire a car

It turns out that I can do this. Given a car that breaks down and they key won’t turn because the ignition switch is busted I can hotwire it. With a lot of tools, swearing and about two hours. Life of crime here I come.

Fool me once…

This morning I came in from a run and made myself a coffee. OK, more truthfully I came in from a walk / slow jog and made myself a coffee. And spat it out.

Thinking that maybe there was some residue in the mug from the dishwasher I got another mug, checked it was clean and made more coffee. And spat it out.

Mug number 3 I used sugar straight from the bag instead of the bowl. Success. Strange though, I didn’t think sugar went off? Anyone hear of this happening before? Other than magically transforming into alcohol (which is welcome in my coffee) sugar stays as sugar.

Sat down at my computer and the keyboard was unplugged. I plugged it back in, thinking nothing of it. I unplug stuff all the time for memory sticks, chargers and whatever. Also as it has a view of outside, both the cats find my desk and laptop to be excellent sleeping spots so maybe they unplugged it. Hey, go easy here, I’m still starting my 1st 2nd 3rd or whatever mug of coffee of the day.

I move my mouse and not a whole lot happens. Fine, this one can need to be turned off and on again as the battery probably needs to be changed. Turned it over and found tape on the bottom covering the laser.

It’s April first. Good ones Hoefer.

Job Hunting

I’m looking for some contract IT work for the next year. I’m a Systems Administrator and IT Manager with 15 years experience, a degree in Computer Applications and a lot of industry certifications. My LinkedIn profile has a lot more information on this and you can see it here :

If you know of anyone looking for a short term (1 year or less) person, please let me know. There are a lot of projects at the moment upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8.1, or bringing servers up to 2012 and virtualizing them and this is what I’ve been doing quite a lot of in the last few years.

You can see my contact details on the Contact page of this blog.





I sold TekBusters on January first and changed from entrepreneur (which I can never spell without a spell checker) to being retired. Yay.

It’s now March so I’ve changed from being retired to being semi unemployed. I’m currently working at some web design and SEO as well as some consulting but really it’s time to get back to work. Day time tv would drive any one crazy. I swear, if I see one more make over….


Of mice and cats

Nicole made me a mouse over Christmas but I left before she could give it to me. So she posted it over, with a second bonus mouse for Ursula so we wouldn’t fight over them. She forgot we had cats…


“I am looking for a cat with six claws on it’s right paw”


 “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You ate my father. Prepare to die.”


“You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia” – but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line”




The recession isn’t over yet

How do I know? Well I was looking for an email this morning and though Google might have flagged it as spam. 800 spam messages there and not one offering me dodgy relations with a donkey, an opportunity to invest in my Nigerian uncle’s oil farm or a magic pill to move all the weight from my arse to my dick.

Nope, 800 messages offering me a job. Seems that’s all people are searching for nowgmailspam

We’ll fix your washing machine

Well not me. I can barely use the thing. But my brother Michael will. If you live in Ireland. In Monaghan, Cavan, Meath or Louth.  Which may make the title of this post a little misleading. But he’ll fix your washing machine. If it’s broken. Or your oven. All I did was start up a new website for him. It’s here at

Paul & Rachel tie the knot

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Seattle and Mr Pointy

In May we went to Seattle. Despite living only 2 hours away for 5 years I’d passed through it but never went as a tourist. Congratulations, it’s time for my slideshow of photos of telegraph poles. How exciting.

Pike Place market, taken from a place that's not a starbucjs

Pike Place market, taken from a place that’s not a Starbucks.

We of course went to the Nerds museum. Nirvana and science fiction. Where could we go wrong.

Superman. The real one. Not the current disappointing movie ones

Superman. The real one. Not the current disappointing movie ones

The Princess Bride wedding dress. And the Dread Pirate Roberts. And his name is Inigo Montaya, you killed his....

The Princess Bride wedding dress. And the Dread Pirate Roberts. And his name is Inigo Montoya, you killed his….

Mr. Fricking. Pointy.

Mr. Fricking. Pointy. Highlight of the trip.




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