Is the market about to crash here?

There’s 2 things I saw this week that could be signs of impending doom.

1. People are now spending money on more and more ridiculous things. At the Farmers Market (yes, I know) there was a stand for dog and cat massages. In a time when personal debt is reaching an all time high, the best thing to spend money on is a feckin’ dog massage. Of course later we can blame the banks, the vets and farmers. I seem to remember stupid businesses like these popping up in Cork and Dublin before it all went arseways.

2. Vancouver has long been on the way to be the first city with 1 Starbucks per head of population. Today I saw… gasp… the local one is closing. Yes, a starbucks is closing. After an expensive dog massage one just can’t afford the mocha latte ‘spresso. If Starbucks is closing it must be a recession.


OK, time to panic.

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