Hazelnut coffee with a side of desperation

On Sunday we went to an info session on adoption. It seemed like time to find out more about it. Six or seven couples crammed into a tiny room with the smell of Hazelnut coffee masking the sweat. All faces trying to look composed, interested and calm. Just the hint of desperation showing through.

I always thought adoption would be an option. We’re not bad people. We have lots of offer, we live in a nice area in a great part of the world, have jobs, a decent size house and could be good for a child. We’re fun. I think. Two big kids really…. hey punch buggy….

Turns out it’s not going to be about what you can give, more about how much you want it. The interviews, the waiting, the costs, the tantalising semi -offers, the almosts. And then even the reality. As one couple who had adopted told us about having a baby for 5 whole days before decisions were changed and they had to hand it back. Or another told of months of waiting for an adoption to be legally finalized and then another 5 months of waiting on immigration Canada to get the finger out and approve a visa before they could meet their child.

We decided not to. Fair play to those who do though.

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