D’oh. Need to clean the fridge more

I like to cook, but recently (last few years) I’ve cooked less and less and am now down to repeating the same 2 or 3 recipies over and over. So this year, as we have 30 or 40 cook books, I thought I should try and make something new each week from them. Maybe I’ll end up expanding my rota of recipies to 4 or 5.

Bear in mind these are all gluten free vegetarian with no mushrooms. Made for me who likes meat and wheat. The mushrooms are still off the menu as they are the food of satan.

So I made vegan¬†enchiladas yesterday. Just not actually vegan as I added cheese. They were from a vegan cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook¬†but I’m also not giving up on cheese. They were tasty. Like really tasty. The avocado – cilantro dressing worked a treat. Even though I was missing half the spices (onion powder?) these worked well.

Which comes to this morning. So happy I have left overs ready for lunch for work. Feeling all proud of myself that I have a delicious, healthy lunch just ready for the microwave. All smug about it until I arrive at work and go to put it in the fridge and find last weeks curry in my bag. With no rice, just about half a cup of too old curry in a large container.

I really need to clean out the fridge more.

Subway it is.

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