It’s coming along

While I haven’t updated the blog, I’ve been working on the trailer.

First of all I got in a floor. I didn’t do this myself, there were too many things that were way beyond my skill level (I should point out, all of this trailer is beyond my skill level, but I have youtube and optimism). It looks pretty good, eh?

Once that was done we sealed the trailer. Herself went to town with the garden hose while I found the leaks by getting wet. Several cans of spray foam and spray rubber later and the thing is dry as a bone. Survived the worst of California storms (about 2 minutes of a light drizzle).

Next I knew I’d need lights, and before I started, I created a very technical and very detailed diagram.

A few hundred feet of cable and I had lights. They work. There are switches. That hang down on wires from the ceiling, but they all work. I’ll mount things later.

This next set of wires looks messy for a very specific reason, it is messy. I will get to the cable tying and taping later. One of the blocks connect the interior wiring to uses, for lights, fans, fridge etc. The other connects to all the other lights, brakes, running lights and these things called turn signals (never seen in LA, but maybe if I take it to Canada the RCMP would like to see a light flashing to show which way I intend to go).

And then I started with the insulation. After much searching I couldn’t find 2″ thick insulation (well I could, but the stuff designed for aircraft is horrifically expensive, and the wool option is none to cheap either). Instead I got R13 insulation which pulls apart into about R6.5 easily enough and started getting that up. Here a spray can of Gorilla glue is your best friend.

Next up is finishing the insulation and putting back up the interior aluminum skin, while mounting all the lights correctly.

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