The problem with famous people

The famous person in question being Neil Gaiman. See, Ray Bradbury died and Neil Gaiman posted this quote on Facebook.

“Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything.” Ray Bradbury.

And went on to write very nice blog about Ray Bradbury. However I’d like to find out where that quote is from. It does seem familiar, like it was in a movie, but I’d like to find out which of Bradbury’s books it is from, or was it something he said in an interview. But guess what happens when you Google it? Yes, you find that Neil Gaiman posted this on Twitter and the first 100 results are people¬†re-tweeting¬†this.

Anyone care to help out and tell me where this quote is from?


Update : It’s from an interview, not a book.

2 Responses to The problem with famous people

  • Glad you got an answer before I spent who knows how much time searching and being frustrated. His interviews were a great source of quotes and inspiration.

    Ray Bradbury was the first author I read extensively when I was a kid. I had an anthology of 100 of his short stories, and read his major novels as well. From there to the ‘golden age’ classics, especially Asimov, clarke, and Heinlein.

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